Chocolate Roses

It has been a massive week for us. My two little ones started school and we had the Tenterfield Show!! It was with very mixed emotions that the big day approached for me. There is something about school that means your little ones are growing up and that in some respects there development is now out of your hands. Also I was very anxious about the huge emotional aspect of the day. I should not have worried – Archie and Rissie were so keen to get rid of me that there was no time for emotion. In a way I felt a little bereft. I had almost been looking forward to a good sob. To feeling all that need and angst as they said goodbye to their momma! I suspect that only one who was feeling any need and angst was me. ... Read more

Valentine's Day Cupcake

As Valentine’s Day approaches, what better way to show your crush that you’ve been thinking about them by baking them a batch of gorgeously designed cupcakes?... Read more

Mini Mudcakes for One

We have just survived one of the worst hail storms I have ever seen. We had had a few hot days and on a recent Saturday it was hotter than I can remember it even being in this little town. Then within the space of about 15 minutes it seemed the sky turned green and we had 20 minutes of the most relentless hail I have every experienced.... Read more

Lemon Curd Cupcakes with Piped Flowers in Buttercream

The New Year is upon us and it is filled with the promise of good things. My front garden is positively blooming from all the recent rain and good weather. I am so glad the lovely lady who owned my house knew a lot about gardening as I know nothing and am definitely a work in progress. I go out to efficiently dead head my roses and feel so handy and domesticated. As it is the only thing I have in my gardening repertoire I am glad that it makes me feel so handy.... Read more

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Summer Berry Choc Ripple Cake

Here is a fun recipe I made for our NYE BBQ bash and as my brother is severely lactose intolerant and I’m also not very good with fresh whipped cream, I decided to figure out a dairy-free option of the classic Choc Ripple cake.... Read more

Christmas Cupcakes

In this blog post we’ll be showing you how to create simple Christmas cupcake decorations – you can even make these days beforehand and decorate the cupcakes you've baked on the day so you don’t feel stressed out.... Read more

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Christmas Ice-Cream cake with Chocolate Lace Collar

I am starting to feel like a Christmas cake. It is only the 12th December and I still have quite a few to go. My house smells like a Christmas cake and my kids are going to sleep with the smell of brandy, boiled fruit, marzipan and fondant constantly in the air. My little girl said to me the other night – are you making more cakes mummy? The heavy sigh she gave me made me want to say – if that is all your have to deal with then you are pretty lucky little five year old, but to be honest I felt the same!... Read more

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The Mini Ombre Cake Tutorial

In this tutorial we'll show you how to decorate a mini cake with an ombre design.... Read more

Chocolate Mousse Cake

We are waiting for a summer storm to hit. The day has been hot, which for this neck of the woods, is simply blissful. Now the sky has darkened and there are severe storm warnings on the radio and I am waiting for the first rumbles of thunder to arrive. There is something about storms that I love and always take me back to child-hood. The thrill of running from the school bus to home whilst big warm dollops of rain fell on you and felt like heaven. The smell of the first rain-drops on hot bitumen is still one of my favourite smells in the world. Hot sweaty afternoons broken that felt like they were never going to end until there was a big clap of thunder. All of it takes me back to being a kid. Another thing that does that to me is chocolate mousse.... Read more

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Crisp Green Apple Cupcake

Has a green apple looked any more appealing than these? It has a crisp white chocolate layer on the outside so when you crunch into it you feel as though you’re biting into an apple but you’re met with a delicious combination of vanilla cake filled with an apple puree with a hint of fresh mint and a sweet vanilla buttercream. ... Read more

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