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Valentine's Day Cupcake

As Valentine’s Day approaches, what better way to show your crush that you’ve been thinking about them by baking them a batch of gorgeously designed cupcakes?










What you'll need:

        - White, red and pink fondant icing

        - Pink vanilla cupcakes

        - Buttercream frosting

        - Silver cachous

        - Tracing tool (available from cake decorating & supply stores)

        - Cookie cutter the same size of your cake


        1. Roll out pink fondant about 1/2 centimetre thick

        2. Using a tracing tool, pull the wheel across the fondant with medium pressure in straight vertical lines. Then diagonally pull the wheel in straight lines until you finish your quilted pattern.

        3. Press in silver cachous where the lines meet.

        4. Cut out red and white fondant hearts.

        5. Using a dab of water under each heart stick them on top of the pink fondant, overlapping the white on the red one.

        6. With a palette knife spread a small amount of frosting in the middle of the cupcake, try not to go too close to the edges.

        7. Place the decorated fondant disc on top of the cupcake.

        8. Very gently, using your fingers push around the edges of the cupcake to create a smooth rounded top.


Valentines Day 1

Valentines Day 2

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