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Chocolate Roses

It has been a massive week for us. My two little ones started school and we had the Tenterfield Show!! It was with very mixed emotions that the big day approached for me. There is something about school that means your little ones are growing up and that in some respects there development is now out of your hands. Also I was very anxious about the huge emotional aspect of the day. I should not have worried – Archie and Rissie were so keen to get rid of me that there was no time for emotion. In a way I felt a little bereft. I had almost been looking forward to a good sob. To feeling all that need and angst as they said goodbye to their momma! I suspect that only one who was feeling any need and angst was me.

Then we had the Show. It took up two whole days and was action packed. There is something about a country town and the way it brings the whole community together that was very special. Also I was thrilled to have entered my first decorating competition and to walk into the pavilion and see two first places and one second – Hoorah!!

Chocolate 11 Chocolate 9 Chocolate 10

This week is Valentine’s Day. So I thought it was a perfect week to look at chocolate roses. They are an amazing addition to cupcakes or cakes.

For the Chocolate Roses you will need to make Chocolate Plastique or Modeling Chocolate


Dark Chocolate Plastique:

250 gram Dark Couverture Chocolate100 gram Liquid Glucose

60 ml Sorbet Syrup To make Sorbet Syrup:

750 gram Caster Sugar, 650 ml of water

90 gram of Liquid Glucose

In saucepan bring all ingredients to boil

Stir occasionally with metal spoon

Boil for 4 minutes, skim off impurities


To make the Chocolate Plastique:

Melt dark chocolate – in 30 second bursts in microwave works very well

Add the glucose and sorbet syrup to melted chocolate and mix well with spatula

Pour mixture onto marble surface – if you don’t have marble ensure you have a spotlessly clean bench.

Work until cool.

Wrap in glad-wrap until ready to use.

Keeps for months in fridge. 


Step One:

Remove Chocolate Plastique from fridge at least an hour before use to allow to become room temperature.


Step Two:

Cut off small amounts, warm up in hand and roll into ball and then form into tear shape. Place this onto a toothpick – this will be your rose bud.

Chocolate 4 Chocolate 8


Step Three:

Either use your rose cutter or free hand a petal shape to cut your first petal.

Wrap this around the top of the bud to become your first petal.

Chocolate 7 Chocolate 3


Step Four:

Cut two petals, thin the edges with your fingers to give some movement and add the next layer of petals.

Chocolate 2


Step Five:

Depending on the size of your bud assess how many petals you need and whether you need on additional layer or two.

Chocolate 6 Chocolate 5

Chocolate Plastique is amazingly versatile and can be used to make leaves, bows, all sorts of flowers and decorations. So play around with it for the most beautiful addition to your cakes.


An idea below is to combine the rose with a butterfly – way back from issue one!

Chocolate 1

Also perfect for your Valentine!

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